DRAWLIGHTS | 1/1 – one post/one photographer

DRAWLIGHTS showcases work of established and emerging photographers and lens-based artists, bridging the traditional photography and post photography.

DRAWLIGHTS advocates for the notion that the art world is a diverse ecosystem made up of various entities, each with its unique scale, interests, and perspectives. These elements are crucial for fostering a dynamic and continuously evolving artistic landscape. DRAWLIGHTS recognizes the value of both "traditional photography" and "web3", embracing photography, lens-based art, and new media in all their varied forms and distribution methods.

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DRAWLIGHTS is published by Peter Nitsch, a lens-based artist working with photography and video off-chain and on-chain.

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DRAWLIGHTS | 1/1 – one post/one photographer


DRAWLIGHTS | 1/1 – one post/one photographer. Off-chain and on-chain, FREE!